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What do kids say about the author’s visit to their school?

"We have had authors at our school before, but none as interesting as you! It was funny when you said you talked with your hands because I noticed during the whole presentation you moved your hands while you talked. I also liked when you made sounds into the microphone when you were telling stories. It made me feel like I was in that story". Raeann

"I thought your talk was really exciting, nice and refreshing. Lots of people liked it, not just me. I liked meeting you so much, writing this thank-you is like writing to a good friend". Savannah

My books have found their way into classrooms, libraries, university study programs, and homes. Sometimes I show up too. I’m a frequent guest at schools, conferences, and workshops across the country—I don’t always look as crazy as I do in this picture. .

Inviting an author to your school or library shows kids that authors are ordinary people. It may give some of them the idea that they can do it too. While talking to your students I reinforce some of the messages you have been trying to get across, such as the importance of editing. I give your students an inside look at the writing process. I answer questions—including the embarrassing ones kids are famous for. The two most frequently asked are: how old are you, and do you make lots of money?

Tests for
National Reading Programs

Anna Casey’s Place in the World
Accelerated Reader:
Quiz #54674, BL 3.8 Reading Counts: Item #Q32694, RL 4.6 LEXILE: 490L Fountas & Pinnell: Level U, Grade Level 5

The Big Nothing
Accelerated Reader:
Quiz #82405, BL 3.8 Reading Counts: Item #Q38730, RL 5.4 LEXILE: 620L Fountas & Pinnell: Level Y, Grade Level 6 & up

Crossing Jordan
Accelerated Reader:
Quiz #47147, BL 4.5 Reading Counts: Item #Q23381, RL 5.9 LEXILE: 650L Fountas & Pinnell: Level X, Grade Level 6

My Brother’s Hero
Accelerated Reader:
Quiz #62756, BL 3.8 Reading Counts: Item #Q23381, RL 4.2 LEXILE: 620L Fountas & Pinnell: Level W, Grade Level 6

The Real Question
Accelerated Reader:
Quiz #111531, BL 4.1 Reading Counts: RL 8 LEXILE: 490L Fountas & Pinnell: Level Z, Grade Level 6 & up

Sister Spider Knows All
Accelerated Reader:
Quiz #73520, BL 4.1 Reading Counts: Item #Q35925 RL 3.5 LEXILE: 650L Fountas & Pinnell: Level W, Grade Level 6

The Sorta Sisters
Accelerated Reader:
Quiz #122319, BL 4.3 Reading Counts: Item #Q42087 RL 4.3 LEXILE: 760L Fountas & Pinnell: Level V, Grade Level 5-6

Summer on the Moon
Accelerated Reader:
quiz # 150646, RL 4.2, Reading Counts: RL 3.5


Want to bring me to your school?

Click here to learn about an in-school visit.
Click here to learn about a virtual visit via SKYPE.

I also do keynote speeches and workshops for conferences:

Want to get your students ready for a visit?
Here is a "webquest" that will send them on a journey around my web site and familiarize them with my work. Even if no visit is planned it is a great way to practice maneuvering on the web.

Teacher's Guides
Peachtree is in the process of preparing teacher's guides for each of my books.  Click to view.
Crossing Jordan
Sister Spider Knows All
My Brother's Hero

Links for Teachers
"Crossing Jordan" is now a musical play! It was performed for the first time in the summer of 2011 in Apalachicola, Florida in the historic Chapman Auditorium.


I live in the neighborhood which is the setting for most of my books. Come visit the children's library I set up (with loads of help) for the children of Seminole Manor Neighborhood.


Watch our Front Porch Library music video promoting literacy. It has been used at the NCTE annual convention and on lots and lots of morning news programs in schools throughout the country—feel free to use it on yours.


I write a weekly blog for adult readers that includes essays on such diverse topics as creative writing, evolution, weeds, dogs and family. I hope you’ll visit—it is the place I get to talk to grown-ups!


What do authors do when they are not writing? I don’t know about those other authors, but this one sings Motown and Classic Country and Rock and Roll. Check out “Hot Tamale” and listen to a tune or two.


Peachtree Publishers has lots of exciting authors and books for you to share with your students. Sign up for their newsletter at:


Many of the best writers for young readers are also teachers. If you have a novel in progress and could use a little help please check out my Book Coach/Editing Service.



Dear Author


Dear Author

Every teacher deals with problems in their students’ lives that go beyond the classroom. In this book, twenty-seven young adult authors answer letters from readers that involve real life problems as diverse as sexual abuse, alcoholism—and in the case of the letter I answered, the problem of looking different. Readers were inspired to write to particular authors because their personal problems were, in some way, being addressed by the author in a work of fiction. As Dr. Joan Kaywell, the “Dear Author” editor says, “Books save lives.”

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