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Another one from the neighborhood:

Have you been missing Cass, Jemmie, Ben, Justin, Cody and all the kids in the neighborhood? I sure have! The new book (so new it doesn’t have a for-sure title yet) takes all of us back there.

It’s summer again—the summer before the older kids head for high school and it promises to be boring…until Cody opens the closet door and finds the hat, a fedora, like old-time detectives wore.

The hat belongs to Ben and Cody's mysterious missing Uncle Paul. When Cody puts it on, strange things begin to happen. Is it magic, or just Cody’s super-active imagination?

Whatever it is, it only works for Cody. Is that because he and his uncle share a birthday and a name although reversed: Cody Paul and Paul Cody? Is it because that shared birthday is only a week away?

Whatever it is, something strange is going on. Wearing the hat Cody does things he can’t do—like make baskets when he can’t even see the hoop.

Wearing the hat he knows things he can’t know—like the location of an abandoned garage in the woods, the prefect summer hangout. And only Cody is troubled by the burnt slab that is all that is left of the house that went with the garage, because only Cody knows that, somehow, Uncle Paul started the fire.

Note: if you read "The Big Nothing" and have been wondering whether or not Jemmie "likes" Justin you'll get your answer in this book.