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To set up a visit or writing workshop call Emily Rivet at Peachtree Publishers at (800) 241-0113 ext. 126, or email her at RIVET@peachtree-online.com Emily is the queen of the calendar—she keeps everything straight! She will be happy to help you arrange a successful visit. For questions about program content feel free to contact me at adrianfog@aol.com.

If your school or library is outside the Florida/Georgia area please book at least three days of visits. There is no charge for my travel time and for visits in many parts of the country an additional two days are needed to get there and back.

I know that resources for programs in schools are limited. Unfortunately authors are essentially self-employed. Things like health insurance and retirement have to be factored in when I set my fees. I charge $725 per day for up to six programs, $675 for the same day in any school I have visited before. If you book three days in your immediate area (see if other schools want to book a visit at the same time) all schools will receive the discount and pay the repeat visit rate of $675 per day. An after-school or evening program at the school or a nearby library can be added for $100.

Combining your booking with other schools or libraries in your area will also allow you to split the cost of transportation, and unless I am traveling with my husband, I am always happy to stay with a school family which eliminates the cost of a hotel. While I’m at your school a cafeteria lunch is fine. Hey, who doesn’t like pizza?

Looking for a cheaper alternative?
As the price of travel has gone up and up I decided I just had to add an option that didn’t involve getting on a plane. You can now book a virtual author visit. These visits are easy to arrange and affordable.

A session lasting up to one hour is $100.

And here’s an even better price: free! It may take a while if I am on the road, but I always respond to readers’ emails. Send an email from your class to: adrianfog@aol.com. The e-mail can include multiple questions, but the single piece of correspondence is easier for me to handle than a raft of individual queries from students. And that way they all get to see the answers to questions they may not have thought of.

Need books for your event?
To order books, contact Courtney Hood at (800) 241-0113 ext. 113, or email your query or order to: sales@peachtree-online.com. Peachtree delivers quickly, offers a great discount, and accepts returns! Schools can use the publisher’s discount to help offset the cost of the visit or to offer the books to students below the retail price. My books are also available at your favorite independent book store or book fair company. Support your local book seller!